Connecting Your Money with Your Life

Like our nautical name and North Shore of Boston location, our company roots lie deep in the hundreds of years of local maritime culture of our surrounding cities. Accordingly, we see our wealth management process like that of a compass, where at any point in time we may need to go in a different tactical direction, all the while maintaining a steady, strategic course. The most important point on the compass is True North. Let us take a tour!

NORTH Who You Are  
SOUTH Goals and Wishes 4 Major Portfolio Choices
WEST Information Gathering Keys for Success with Client
EAST Investments and Risk Tolerance  

NORTH is the driving force that motivates your life direction. It’s important for us to get to know you before we can guide you to where you’re going. Advice for Life has a worksheet regarding a Financial Life Check Up and your level of satisfaction in a number of financial areas. This would be a great starting point for you. Click here to download the worksheet.

We consider the SOUTH direction your "Life To-Do" list that begins with a simple 10-minute questionnaire. This gives us a better understanding of your priorities in life. We feel that having a "Life To-Do" list is imperative. Click here to review the To-Do list.

The WEST compass point reflects the analytical expertise. It is gathering information about your net worth, budget, retirement planning, education planning, estate planning,
insurance, and career planning. It also includes referring clients to trained financial professionals regarding legal work, tax planning, and pension planning; we even work with career coaches if your unsure what you're next transition or career should look like. We also have a "Truly Exceptional" partners program that can help you find bill-payers, geriatric-care specialists, car buyers, architects, cleaning services, house painters, and the like. It’s about getting things done!

See more details in our Financial Planning process sheet.

EAST is where we deal with the investments. We structure the asset allocation of your investments based on your time horizon and risk tolerance. We work with traditional investments like stocks, bonds, & cash equivalents. The specific investment management is directed by the financial professionals at Coastal Capital Group but usually sub-contracted to managers. We also include many alternative investment options. These are more complicated investments that may meet client needs if they are appropriate. The intent of these alternative classes is to improve the diversification by having asset classes that do not directly correlate with traditional stocks and bonds.

4 Major Portfolio Choices

Like the 4 points of the compass, we have 4 major portfolio choices to choose from.

  1. Our "ADVANCE & PROTECT" strategy provides a total return approach using 5 to 10 asset classes.
  2. Second is a more traditional asset allocation strategy.
  3. Third is the exclusive use of ETF, or exchange-traded funds.
  4. Fourth is an individually tailored strategy. Tailored to your wishes like individual
    stocks, municipal bonds, or a particular sector or size you want to focus on using Institutional Managers.
See more details in our Investment Process sheet.

Our ultimate goal using these 4 points of the compass approach is to be sure we understand who you are, what you want, get you organized, and follow a comprehensive investment strategy designed to put you on the path to financial independence. It’s about "Connecting your money with your life."

Our 5 Keys to a Successful Relationship

The studies we have observed have lead us to conclude that these are the 5 KEYS that successful clients desire:

  1. Simplicity. With a single, easy-to-understand statement of your investments, dynamically updated to reflect current values.
  2. Investments with good track records.
  3. Disciplined philosophy and process.
  4. Continual communications and collaboration with all your financial advisors.
  5. A quick response to your questions and requests.

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